Dunga has backed his decision of replacing Coutinho with Kak

The Selecao manager Dunga has backed his decision of replacing Coutinho with Kaka in the squad that he has announced for the upcoming couple of games.

It has come as a big surprise for everyone that Dunga took a backward step and went back to Kaka instead of encouraging a young talent like Coutinho.

Dunga had brought Coutinho into the side straightaway after he took charge following Brazil’s World Cup disaster and the young winger did not disappoint him.

The 23-year old played a little bit in Copa America and he was okay in that tournament in terms of his form.

He might not have been extraordinary, but, he would have thought he did well enough to retain his place in the squad.

However, in Dunga’s view, it was not the case. According to the boss, Coutinho failed to make the most of his opportunity and thus, had to make space for Kaka.

Addressing the press after the announcement of the squad the other day, Dunga said, “Philippe has had his opportunity. He played in Copa America. You have to understand that it’s not possible to do the rebuilding work with young players only. Experience is needed as well.”

“I believe Kaka will bring plenty into mix for us. He is highly experienced and you want such players to have around the group in tough phases. His role will not be limited to the ground only. Even off the ground, he will be a handful for us as he has the valuable knowledge that he can pass on to the guys who don’t have that much of international exposure.”

Kaka has already played 89 international games and with a few more appearances under his belt, he can get into the list of top 10 most capped Brazilian players.

Currently, Cafu is the most capped Brazilian player with 142 appearances.