Treats Await Leicester Tigers Fans

The Leicester Tigers team might be busy gearing up for the upcoming Premiership league games, but their fans have much to rejoice. The fixtures having been announced for the Premiership League games 2017-18, and Leicester fans can get several benefits if they book their tickets early. For instance, the price of attending 18 games of the team in the upcoming season can be obtained at a discount which equals the price of attending 12 games.

The discounts and benefits are generous. Fans can book their tickets by paying in monthly installments, being offered debt free direct debit scheme which starts at 25 pounds every month. Those who are seasoned members will also get access to the ROAR newsletter that is produced weekly which provides exciting news and insight on what is happening behind the scenes as well as an opportunity to upgrade their seats at the different games. Those who are under 10 fans get to attend the games for free.

The club store also offers exciting giveaways and trophies for the loyal fans. The reasons to get one’s hands on a season ticket are several. Besides getting to attend 18 matches at the price of 12, there are free match tickers being offered to the season ticket holders, the prices have been frozen at a certain rate, family ticket schemes made available, buyback program allows one to cash out on games one cannot attend and a guaranteed seat being reserved at every match.

These are some of the several reasons a season ticket holder, as well as a loyal fan of Leicester Tigers can look forward to. The games for the club begin with a defense of the Anglo-Welsh cup they won against Gloucester Rugby. It would be a home game scheduled in the first weekend of November.