Alan Tait thinks the formation of a league of domestic semi-professional is vital for Scotland to keep step with nations where rugby is big. The “Super Six”, which has been revealed by Scottish Rugby, replaces all-amateur BT Premiership that is currently with it since 2019.

The role of scouting for Scotland has been taken up by the Tait, who is 53 years old now and former Scotland Centre. He has taken this role with an objective of national restructuring that aims to enhance the development of players.

About the changes, Tait said, “We have to think of ideas that can keep us in the race. With, this new way, we expect to get more youth Scottish talents in Rugby, playing at a standard higher than before and getting them through the ranks. If we seriously want to compete for the Rugby World Cup, we need to start thinking hard about how we can get more players through the door.”

As the World Rugby is extending its residency qualification time from three to five years in some time, Tait says, looking at the situation, Scotland can no longer depend on imports from overseas like WP Nel who is South African-born, Cornell and Josh Strauss du Preez.

He said, “In the last few years, we had some of the great players coming from New Zealand and South Africa, they get residency here and play for us. If it had not been at tight-head for WP Nel, we would have struggled a lot more.

“But that way may close now. Now, we want Scottish- players qualified and are the part of the team. The larger we play at a high level; there will more options to select from. This is how England’s team is getting better and better. The talent and the numbers England generate through their Premiership teams and academies are really frightening. In the four Scottish academies, in the past two years, the standard has increased.”