Tim Sherwood was appointed as an interim coach of the first team of Tottenham as he replaced Andre Villas- Boas who got sacked back in December of 2013. Despite all of the pressure that Sherwood has been getting recently, he revealed that everything about his new job is a learning curve which he loves to do.

He added: “Any day in management is a learning curve. This has been a baptism of fire to be honest but it’s certainly something that I relish.

“I’ve got family saying, ‘Why do you want to do it?’ but it’s in me and it’s something that’s been bred into me and I’m a winner and I will make myself ill before I don’t succeed. That’s the drive that I’ve always had I had that as a player and I will have that as a manager” he told the nederland australie odds website.

Prior to coaching the first team of Tottenham, Sherwood had a technical coordinator role for the Premier League club but he is enjoying the added pressure and work that comes along in having such an important role for Tottenham.

According to Ruud Gullit, the former Ac.Milan player announced that Louis van Gaal is going to be Tim Sherwood’s replacement in the summer as the deal is already done.

If the deal involving Louis van Gaal has indeed been already done, it will be a huge blow for Tim Sherwood as he has already announced that he has no intentions of stepping down from his current role in the club as he loves what being a manager, a coach is all about and the added pressure just makes things better for him.

Sherwood will have to enjoy the remaining few months he has in charge of the squad before being replaced by van Gaal.