Manchester United have clearly been the best team in the Premier league in the first half of the season, and they currently have a five point advantage over the second-placed Manchester city. The lead for United could have been significantly higher had they not dropped two points in the recent match against Tottenham. Despite this, the Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson believes that it is not a cause for concern because he is sure that other teams will drop points in the title race from now till the end of the season.

United have a lot to owe to the striker Robin van Persie after his 18 goals in the league has helped them take a commanding lead in the table. They would have been closer to a mid-table position had not been for his goals. Even the City manager Roberto Mancini acknowledged that van Persie is proving to be the difference between United winning and losing the title this season. Ferguson is confident that clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, and City will drop points over the remaining four months of the season. Even though United will also drop points, Ferguson wants his players to fight till the end in every match due to the fact that all matches are difficult.

“Teams will drop points in the title race. Not just us but Manchester City will drop points, absolutely, it’s a certainty Chelsea and Arsenal will drop points. We’ll probably drop two or three ourselves but the important thing is accepting the challenge that every game is just as difficult as the rest,” said Ferguson. United will be taking on Southampton in the Premier league during the weekday fixture list. Ferguson has said that he does not knowing anything about the new Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino , who was appointed as a replacement for Nigel Adkins.