The Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has hit back at the Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew by saying that he is managing one of the biggest clubs in the world and he expects the eyes of the people on him. Sir Alex Ferguson and Alan Pardew had a huge confrontation during recent match between the two clubs. The Newcastle manager questioned the attitude and conduct of Ferguson when it comes to treating the referees. It has brought out the anger in the United manager, who has said that he does not manage a small club in the north-east of England.

Rather, he is the manager of Manchester United – the biggest club in the world – and he expects to be criticised by a lot of people. Rather than focus on him harassing the referee, Pardew is trying to focus the attention on him according to the Scotsman. The 4-3 victory for Manchester United against Newcastle on Boxing Day drew a lot of criticism from Pardew, who said that Ferguson was constantly in the ears of the referee trying to influence the outcome of the decisions. Ferguson has said that he does not push and shove referees like Pardew. Ferguson was denoting to the incident on the first day of the season when he pushed a linesman.

“Alan Pardew has come out and criticised me … Alan Pardew is the worst at haranguing referees, his whole staff, every game. He was at it the whole game on Wednesday. He shoved the [assistant] referee and makes a joke of it and he’s got the cheek to criticise me. It’s unbelievable. He forgets the help I gave him. The press have had a good field day out of it. They’ve addressed every possible avenue,” said Ferguson, whose team lead the Premier league table.