UK PREMIERE! Adrenalyn XL UEFA Champions League 2013 / 14 panini Trading Cards STARTER PACK opening

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  1. Football Cards and Stickers

    opening the UK Edition STARTER PACK for the Panini Adrenalyn XL Champions
    League 2013 / 2014 Trading Card Collection…Enjoy!!!

  2. Can i have your fans fravrots

  3. Sori

  4. Could u send me a starter pack please

  5. Nice

  6. I’ll take CR7 limited edition

  7. Hello! My name is Raul and i come to Romania …I have a lot of stickers
    and i want to trade the stickers 13-14 uefa champions league of course .

  8. How do you put limited edition in album?

  9. Алекса Радујковић

    When will this appear in Serbia?

  10. Mohican haircut..LOL:) :D:D:D

  11. Footycards andfigures

    Hey buddy can can I have a free bee coz I don’t need many more cards

  12. england

  13. can i have a freebee

  14. could i have a mailday from you

  15. do you now where is Moldova .Republic Moldova its in Europe and i want very
    much these cards there are my life,but in Moldova are not selling.Moldova
    is near the Romania and Ukraine .Could you make a wonder and send some
    cards in Moldova anyway

  16. Football Cards and Stickers

    I have heard of Moldova, I can send items all over the world buddy…you
    should check my competitions coming soon…

  17. who is the napoli game changer?

  18. Can i buy it them ?

  19. Football Cards and Stickers

    they are on sale in all good newsagents in UK.

  20. Football Cards and Stickers

    Mohican haircut and Higuain.

  21. where you buy these cards

  22. adrenalyn xl Cards

    cool where do u get them from,epic opener

  23. Football Cards and Stickers

    I know…gareth bale XXL.

  24. Mate the nordic edition starter packs has 2 le cards plus a huge JUMBO le

  25. Yeh i tbhink its a really nice set mate to be honest. Altho only 9 players
    per team is a bit odd..