2013-14 UEFA Champions League 1/8 final road to Lisbon promo vk.com/ford.autozap mix

Online video Score: four / 5

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  1. CHELSEA F.C !!! 

  2. welcome back ronaldo!! lisbon waiting for you and your mates

  3. My team FC BARCELONA will take this amazing tittle.

  4. manchester you will faill against the biggest greek team olympiacos!!!

  5. Afonso Armada de Castro

    Benfica olé

  6. gökan birdağ

    0:50 one number only GALATASARAY <3

  7. Amit Abramovich

    c’mon Chelsea!

  8. Ramazan Aliyev

    Bayern Münih


  10. Hasrul Shukor

    Manchester United did’nt do well this season :'(

  11. FreeKickers MLC

    SONG PLZ??

  12. Chelsea….3

  13. Dragos Niculae

    STEAUA BUCHAREST!!!!!!!!!!! :))))

  14. Lazaro Alejandro Marrero Pacheco

    Bayern M…the better…sssssss..

  15. Nejib BEN OMRANE

    i think bayern will win the champions again

  16. Josep Mourinho


  17. sinan küçük

    road to Galatasaray only

  18. SC BRAGA

  19. Munosib Bachabekov


  20. Hala Madrid

  21. Andrea Irinna Vega-Romero

    I think this is already destiny. The final game will be held in Lisbon?
    Who’s the very famous guy who hails from Portugal? When I say famous,
    indeed famous. RONALDO. But of course, fate will never work without
    perseverance and faith. Hala Madrid. 

  22. What’s the name of the song 

  23. itsvan bozikovic

    Navstis remix Of the Champions league is best still :D


  25. Please what´s NAME OF SONG???????